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ered to have failed. Unfortunately, it cannot at i:)reseut be predicted
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followed by a black discolouration, consisting of the
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the throat is sensitive and the observance of a moderate degree
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three years of age, the dose is from five to ten drops.
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rhagic conjunctivitis, when seen before supjiuration
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passengers. Several batches of them were to be seen on Camden-quay
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generally, a diseased state of the organs, but as we learn from high
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Dr. Mathewson remarked that some of the rare cases of
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exclude the possibility of unavoidable injury to the nerve during
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I have added a collar that projects inward only, as shown To
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and early treatment of congenital deformities. All phy-
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of the case. Improvement was very slow and uncertain till
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of the particular cell-salts required, the immense variety
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tinue to increase. It is evident that the care of the aged and senile will continue
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in Canada. It is an old country, and much money has accumulated
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have administered to the following complaints with great success, to
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certain alkaline mineral waters, tuberculin, and menstruation may in-
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transmitted light, is hair-brown in colour towards the margin, but perfectly
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June 11-16— Family Practice Refresher Course. UCI at Newport
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recently retired doctors love to spend hours at their com-
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The meeting of the Southern Section of the American Laryngo-
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ligating and cutting it above and below. After various periods up to 12 days the
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being then taken by an assistant, I made a rapid incision with a scalpel
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when we plan the more severe methods of reducing fatness. The diet
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tual symptoms are to be met with appropriate measures,
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place for determining, by pressure with the finger, a small amount of

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