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larger dose than the foregoing has been administered. There

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the clerks of the county societies an able and important circular,

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bellies enormously protuberant from distended spleen.

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discomfort, whatever its character, its position, or its severity,

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great degree with organotherapy and serum treatment. It is here that in

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The Action of Rennin upon Milk-Digestion.— By I. H.

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partum and other hemorrhages was then read by Dr. Workman,

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tina than in the other eruptive fevers. Its duration, however, varies in

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When we study this case in the light of these facts

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Dr. D. Braden Kyle has used the Ceylon oil in the treatment of infective

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Pilocarpine as a Prophylactic against Diphtheria. — The

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been satisfactorily established, but appears probable.

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few hours duration. Here the gestation exceeded nine calendar

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ministrative cost savings would derive chiefly from reduc-

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who have had a hemorrhage from the stomach usually pass blood in their movements.

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introduced through the anus. I then enlarged the opening, and saw a large cavity filled

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suppressed passion he strode unmindful. Sternly de-

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requisite, the possession of this peculiar instinct is essential

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treated him with mercurial laxaiives, Dover's powder

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a day ; instead of which he daily passed almost one whole gramme.

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greatest hope appears to lie In the fact that young mosquitos \

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sion of the lungs, as denoted by contraction of the lower part of the chest,

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board for any branch of treating the sick, may take

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as far as possible any strain at that place. The larger

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healthy. This, we learn from Article Second, on the subject

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It should, however, be stated that the above statistics are of very little value as

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the hair has been shaved, if possible. In young full-blooded persons it may

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social and economic order the anaphrodisiac will not

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Minn., 1899, 1,430-432,— Bezold (F.) Die Verschliessung

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aqufe, aa 3 ss. M.) is applied by means of lint beneath oiled silk (gut-

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nsuni^tych zapomocfi operacyi. (Three cases of sorcoma

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