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or oflicial, who shall cause the floor, seats, and urinals to be kept

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sight, especially of right eye. As there was no convenience for

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Lane's kink, which is a flat band passing from the under surface of the

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shou-ing jjolypus growing from sphenoidal sinus ( Zucherkandl) .

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fore, we consider the typhoid nature of the symptoms so similar to that

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tate to employ them. The dose of thymol is usually put down at

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of salvarsan. This patient showed much improvement symptomatically

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classified under tliree divisions: 1. Those originating

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important phenomena of the functions of circulation and res-

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In a sclieme of health assurance, it becomes a ques-

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accurate fit round tlic haunches is indi.'ipcnsablo, otherwise it is

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dividuals are obtained and tested against each other, as well as

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66. J.H.G. Schlegel, "Altes und Neues aus dem Gebiete der gerichtlichen Arzneikunde,

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stated not long ago that the aged pontiff has no organic

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developes itself, caustic applications ought to be employed. If the malady be re-

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supposed, by epithelium, but are filled out with round nucleated

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are secondary ; they involve in their causation antecedent affections. Not

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The age we live in cannot be better characterised, as to ^the

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the following year (1829) it spread rapidly from 'J'eheran to

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the patient, and may make him feel so ill that the spasmodic movement is

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ethicist can claim to understand, or else leave you wonder-

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Died — James C. Neilson, M.D., of Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 15, 1874,

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plied fomentations, and gave a diaphoretic mixture. In about six or

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lar exertion, such as winking, if accurately timed, exag-

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the shorter leg hot while the longer leg remains cold, and no artificial

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Dr. SEGtJiN remarked that the case was interesting on

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Many cases have been reported wherein the autopsy showed no intes-

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