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Will you use an ordinary top buggy and expose yourself to the cold wind, the driving rain and the

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sical exploration. That would have been an achievement which

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it ; fourthly, to the amount of waste it undergoes ; and, fifthly, to the

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recently begun in \'alparaiso. Chili. It is published in

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the cerebral vessels would have been diniinished and

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Chairman: Will the Secretary read the names of the present

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also this case. The patient was a salesman, 34 years

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one be put to work before they are tliorouglily repaired and

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(Journal A. M. .1., April 8), advises instead immediate closure of the wound,

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19. Pits, Tremors, and Convulsive Seizures. The first term is used on

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this unsoundness is made up of the half-repaired injury and how

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kind, and also suggests certain measures to check the fearful

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supported, and have to sustain the greatest blood pressure.

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It has been shown experimentally by Behring, Boer, Roux, and

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of such a nature, and stated in a way that might have de-

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presented the least appearance of membranous formation. I

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and its brief duration, threw more than a doubt on such a

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financial year for which the accounts are made up (1st June,

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of the villus, to its free surface. The appearances seen in

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in a number of cases of infection with the colon and proteus bacilli,

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cialists to persons bringing them cases. A few years since the medical

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9 per cent, respectively. The rainfall shows a deficit of almost 1

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pathology. On this point Mr. Stanley makes the following remarks : —

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better authority on malaria in this country, worked at Chicka-

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effected if its situation be borne in mind. If the patient is appa-

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then, must be my excuse for venturing to offer a few observations

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The vesicular murmur is best heard in the superior portion

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the house with i*he new sewer, that s. Ti of the Act did not apply,

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