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personal charge, either in a nursing home or hospital, and which
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stricture in order to render dilation more complete. The
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frog's genealogy is less easily imagined than in that of man.
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Duckworth, by Jlr. Dyce Nicol, M.P. Surgeon-Major E.
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public-spirited undertaking. Let the contention be as to who
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ash grows all over this country, on rich bottom land,
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swollen papilla? rise up above the yellowish-gray level of the surround-
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Applied Hygiene and Rural Sanitation, comes nearer to performing standard ser-
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hater like the man who is under an obligation. Every sight of his
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until both sides are equally black, when the axis is read off.
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lars, very unlike ; nevertheless they are bound together by affini-
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blood produced by the addition of organic acids ; (9,) The deposition
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teresting points. It illustrates the difficulty we some-
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place for determining, by pressure with the finger, a small amount of
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of head, neck and chest already referred to as conducing to
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urated with liquid pitch. Jars thus preserved may be turned over in
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the entire mucous membrane, from immediately above the
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eflfused lymph, which is known to take place, proves their ex-
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under his observation in which three generations in a direct line were affected.
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though no external agents could have irritated them. He
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6. The system of Brand is designated, "The Treatment by Sys-
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be bad ; holes will be in it, and the crust will be easily detached from the soft part.
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sometimes of inflammation of the sac, and is not due merely
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shortened, the tensor vaginae f emoris, sartorius, and the front
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unrecognized involvement of the pleura or nerves on the side com-
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hours at a time within the past year in such cases as have been
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which latent bacilli were demonstrated b„ inoculations.
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Ferrand and Lomaire: Etude clinique et histologique de la cutireaction chez
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General objects to the principle for which the City authorities
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died from the too free administration of ergot ; and the remain-
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and the senses for them. Here we must end our notice of a
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firm. It is a combination of oxy-quinolin and metallic silver. It
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ologist, and Urologist. The fee is $150. For information contact: Janet B. Hardy,

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