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spontaneous agglutination on the part of the plague bacilli. Strong states that

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Much of our present knowledge of diseases of the heart is the outcome

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intractable forms of diarrhea may result from unsuitable foods and

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former view ; but that the latter is the true one seems to be estabUshed by

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by Kopp. — Udinhurgh Veterinary Reviciu, 1859-60.

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stances may be but little interfered with even when the process is in the

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ate to that condition. Clinically, therefore, we mean by

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•done both for our soldiers and sailors, notwithstanding

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and the serum contained protease — 0.08 mg. digestion per cubic centimeter in

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Audsley of Livei"pool, and handsomely bound in mor-

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might be extensively known. Before entering into details, we shall just quote

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the head will be tilted toward or away from the affected side, as

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2. On Latent Infection and Subinfection, and on the Etiol-

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or two cases of this kind, I have succeeded in materially improving

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which participates io the alteration at the neck and necessitates the same treat-

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temperature 34 , the average annual rainfall 8 inches. The Rio Grande

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usually get along well. On the other hand, if the bone

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raging tempest. As we have steered clear, wisely and stead-

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can do this it must attain to a certain degree of tension. The

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but after a time, although the lung sounds had to some extent cleared up,

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rabbit-skin hid over the uterus, and skunk and rattle-

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some and exceedingly complicated, snd will probably always

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voted to hold its meetings bi-weekly. The proceedings of

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own series of 23 cases he has only lost one patient, the

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erect posture and on full inspiration. Theso cases, however, do

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ganic or nutritive actions, are accelerated, or acquire an aug-

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successive nights, to one or a million of human beings, without any appreciable

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employed— eignt times section by cutting instruments without

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On this occasion, M. Serres, who had previously observed

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