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and Fagiuoli (Riforma Med., Naples, July 10, 1920, xxxvi. No. 28,

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Attention was first drawn to the dangers to human life lurk-

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sumed its proper shape, and as no further toilette seemed necessary the

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to protect the under layer from injury, becoming especially thick

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under the influence of the nervous system, and the accommodation of the

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centage of cases where it exists, but gall-bladder disease, malig-

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misgivings as to this movement ; but so far it seems to have

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himself for this English edition. We cannot help observing

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which Dr. Blair Bell had said had been passed in several small fragments,

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doctor and his office personnel will receive a detailed

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fornud along the course of tlie urethra anterior to the

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teaching assures us of the far greater value of large

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Chemical : Quantitative experiments have been made on the mixed

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Etiology. — Among recognized causes are: (1) Arteriosclerosis. — Some of

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na, and the doses were carried to the extent of 7 grains a-day. At

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demand that every man shall surrender his profession and from them he deduces:

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fever that occasionally accompanies the other symptoms during conva-

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suchnngen aus dem Gebiete der Ascomyceten. Sitzungsb.

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subscribe to the proposition that the rationalistic method has failed "in a

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In the last dog experimented on by Professor Bruecke, the contractions of the

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entrusted to sane patients themselves. At first it may

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gland was enlarged; shows on incision into substance,

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crease as we pass from the cathode to the anode resulting in

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A pharmaceutical manufacturer in New York city, largely engaged with Pepsin,

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tice the accompanying pain and subsequent inflamma-

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The electrode, a cut of which is here presented, 1 devised more than

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to 50° C. for 30 minutes. The vaccinations were practically

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vue Hospital (where they had been operated on). However,

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scapula m 195S. The patient was a girl of 15 or 16. The preparation is

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There was one death each from lobar pneumonia and pneumonia

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