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leukocytes are not increased except slightly during an acute attack. One

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hedral facettes, and in the direction of the rotatory power.

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within a few weeks by experiments made simultaneously

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moistened with cold water laid over it. If refrigerants be insufficient by them-

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health. Truly this reparation demands as much of the physi-

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would be to append the words "in abnormal quantities."

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registered and who practices medicine without assuming any dis-

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* -pleh-, B. • o|i, B. 7 cicnneb, B. 8 temsum, H. B.

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inon, especially in yomig subjects, the best plan is to employ igni|iuiict-

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A; 6 to the position acedb by pushing i in the direction of the arrow B. This motion

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wave-length of the two diseases in schools, in which they are quite at

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acts with vigour and promptness, converting the disintegrated

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mined by the admissions committee. Inquiries should

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VI I. Tlu' dialysis of ptyaliii, taka diastase, rcTinct, and pepsin.

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the all)uminous ])rinci|)les undergo other changes in the liver has also been

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true, and that the time will come when they will not be

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avoided, peeling off and tearing the tissues, and cutting

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Again, it !tas often been found that, although there has been

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pine bvdrobromate; a study of its clinical value in

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of the Old and !N"ew Town at last united, the affair being as serious

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those who in later years themselves become epileptic. But, as Dr Jackson

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Recovery is the rule. Burr reports an interesting case of the kind that occurred

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movements. Increasing in size, the parasite becomes pigmented

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Typhoid lends itself readily for the purpose of illustrating

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formula ■will make a preparation in most respects sim-

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talking to her about her past history he keeps his finger

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>ufticient timj has not, however, elapsed to enable us

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was particularly demonstrated in the experiments of

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Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital. She had a well-marked rash of scarla-

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enemata, having failed, the operation was performed. There was

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. Immediately upon the conclusion of the bath, it will be necessary

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healihresort. Med. Bull., Phila., 1896. xviii, 413.— Shoe-

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A correspondent, whose letter is mislaid, but who we think

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subject of digestion, and is mentioned in its appropriate place.

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