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The author does not feel prepared to furnish more than a sketch of the
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* Anders: House-plants as Sanitary Agents; Sanitary Influence of Forest Grawth^ p. 312.
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arrangements for studying classics, science, and commerce ; look
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ulcerated surface of the epiglottis was treated with iodoform in
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not, then, the discharges be looked upon as salutary — as the
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pieciation that his labors were rewarded by success.
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above was made, and four days after the first x-vsiy treatment,
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squared off against one another in the national arena of
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stances, and had supported himself as a writer's clerk. At the age of two-and-
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from exhaustion and inanition. Eupture of the aneurysmal sac is, however,
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the pulse may be slow and full, and the heart-sounds sharply accentu-
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tine ; or may be extracted from plants by means of heat or
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become passive, they suffer, from the presence of any excitant, all such
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monthly transcript of the proceedings, plus twelve copies of a
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shows that a person is sick, for in health the bodily temperature
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firing it has been employed. If the case be very long
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in the limbs, may be looked upon as indicating a large haemorrhage in
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books after a trial of the new system. Those who have tried
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possible means, such as mortification of the body by a special
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or other efficient measures. There are few exceptions to this general rule
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last for weeks, and therefore I prefer giving them at consider-
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Bladder ; to which is appended an Interesting and Unique Case of Caesarean
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quently good may be obtained by the therapeutic use of
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cases, or, at any rate, superfluous for purposes of treat-
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from a cardiao-renal trouble or some form of cerebral
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have no more tissue than we want to restore the normal
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anesthesia is from 8 to 10 minutes ; if it is shortened by forc-
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tained ; and we truft that no a priori opinions will induce a

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