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nals of medicine, and you will see that the propagation of the disease

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natural and the moral laws, is due to the fact, that nojmatter

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^relieves the stomach of wind, giving immediate and grateful relief some-

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finger pressure and the extraction of the clot from the proximal

phenergan and codeine street name

Under such conditions the processes and functions are

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One or two to be taken at night, or oftener. ButDr^

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walking when you met me the other day." "What is the matter

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Causation of Disease, especially in regard to Scrofula and Tuber-

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may produce on the stubborn intellects of a British jury. The

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because it may resemble natural sleep. In the first attack, the patient

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The Prevenion of Puerperal Fever. — Hofmeier enters a

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died towards evening ; no rigor from first to last ; no post mortem allowed.

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thoroughly cauterized, care being taken to avoid the

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original point; and the best local remedy for this purpose is

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MENTAL patients have every comfort that their home affords.

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is again more unfavourable. October and November show progres-

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Sir Gilbert Biane says, ' that, if the mortality during the

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olive oil, and carefully passed into the urinary passage and an effort

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more than mere hemorrhages, involving universal cachexy, a degene-

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less closely related to that from which is obtained the immunizing

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Beviewing the above sixteen cases, I will now proceed to indicate

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ing modifications of the theory which are supported by different investi-

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poured on the naked skin, may be illustrated by many facts,

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upon irritation of other portions of the mucous mem-

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irritant action. Many myxomycetes comport themselves in

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Case 5. Mrs. W. S., aged 44. A large and modulated swelling

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seen all the symptoms of appendicitis present in cases

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nosis of tubercular knee was made and fixation treatment with plaster of paris

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2. Whetiier or not the foot had been used in walking.

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as was found upon the surfaces of the ulcers, and, in addition, yel-

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In the actual treatment of disease, also, we conceive the naval

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