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member again renewed his motion, which was again seconded by

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large an area of bone as syphilis and rapidly extends into soft

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detected ; nevertheless the temperature as taken each

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and 35 persons died of cholera. According to weekly bulletin

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esophageal strictures that would seem to embody the maximum

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sistant-physicians for the diseases of women and child-

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fat of various animals, without exciting a revolt in the stomach.

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brain were protected by a thin strip of metal intro-

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whether the conditions under which candidates are admitted to examination,

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view of the possible finding of malignant tissue." If

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In February, 1909, at the Obstetrical and Gynaecological Section,^

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will detect tiiis by sinking into the cheesy material.

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— to put together synthetically — the more complex

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J. Da Costa, M. D., Physician to the Episcopal Hospital.

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Kessler maintained a private practice of allergy and immunol-

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which has just gone into effect with the first day of this

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13 absent, but the great trochanter occupies nearly its normal

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Summer School; Director of Physical Training, Brookline Public

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two shrunk away without suppuration. The treatment was

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book was jargon to him. Writing from dictation was impossi-

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some discharge from the external meatus and concomitant enlargement

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advantages, both for purposes of diagnosis and treat-

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In first symptoms, give a good dose of physic, and follow

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his studies and other necessary pursuits, during which he expended upon it 100

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graphs were taken. As the photographs were obtained at

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