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of the bed, and occasionally attended with great soreness to

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view is appreciated. Contact Dept. 43 in care of the

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or of the urine. If danger from excess of absorption

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Wisconsin based - physician owned - committed to serving you.

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M. H. Donelson, Ogden, Iowa. — This time of the year (spring) the feed is one-

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the dura, arachnoid, pia, and cortex, the approach to the abscess may

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of a previous clot in process of organization ; outside this

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sinuses. The few renal vessels were secured with silk.

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to the fact that the fraternal beneficial organization known as

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— We have heard much less of this method of treatment lately, but

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across, the foot turns out, from the loss of control of

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and bladder to the uterus. The result of this and other

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bread fruit, and the Scottish highland er with his oatmeal

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Satin .', ''■'^T^^'^ " '>'^'*^™ i° conformity with

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great trunk (hypogastric plexus). It is almost impossible

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that the laryngeal and the fatal cases occur mostly, and

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fol. 15 = 57. 22 aesenneb, H. B. 28 -me *p, O. 21 napcipu, Y. B.

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ach, Recurrent Hematemesis ; Sarcoma of self the rules that are likely to direct him

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must be made for the different manner of taking the statistics in th^

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Hooked (htrette and Eoreign-hody Forceps ; Otitis Media Purn-

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tary reflex contractions of the flexor muscles ; and in such cases the

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the disordered functions of this organ. He recommends the

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(R.) Fiebre tifoidea prolonsrata. Rev. m6d. de Sevilla,

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and spread of infectious diseases generally, and par-

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Tinctures are alcoholic solutions of non-volatile substances ob-

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Street. Here were formed reading parties for mutual improve-

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We see sudden collapse, katatonoid apathy, complete dis-

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the members of the medical profession will be behind the rcbt of the

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vessels surrounding the necrotic part. Gas could not be

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moulding itself to the descending pole of the head, continues the forward

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