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The ultimate value of any and all systems of recording scien-

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defiance of those who are practising on the credulity of

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SINCE it first appeared on pharmacists’ shelves 15 years

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Prognosis. — Leprosy is like all other bacillary and infectious diseases;

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proved in Bavaria. In large towns the compulsory wearing

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means of detecting them. They have been supposed to be the result of

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having been bitten by a little dog that he owned. The

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Gextleken, — I feel rather embarrassed to give you a definition

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be left without help than to have meddlesome help. On the average

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of the disease is generally acute ; the temperature may rise to 104° or

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intestinal canal should be cleansed at the outset, but the process must be

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to the bedside, and while the stethoscope was being applied

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of the discussion there was one item I wanted to bring out

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hernia for reduction. I mean the application of in-

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195. Argas persicus : Female Ventral Aspect . - - - 468

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which occurs under a variety of circumstances the morbid

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tine ; or may be extracted from plants by means of heat or

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made with the knife of Paquelin's thermo-cautery. be-

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unspeakable boredom, which befalls nearly all prisoners of war. ^^'hile

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muscles for extending the arm. The upper bone ends in a point

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a whisper. Dr. Halford directed the porters of the Hospital to

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lanini is now working at this side of the question, to apply pul-

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This case is of interest because a diagnosis of benign tumor was made

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tary conditions are conventionally associated. Tliere

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school, and, in fact, rather ignore the latter, for reliance upon

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attributed the sudden hoarseness to over-use of the voice ; the third tt)

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D. Alfonso XII. Cr6n. med., Valencia, 1885-6, ix, 357-367.

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normal, radially constructed acini were almost totally

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daughter of Donald Smclair, M.D. , Peckbam, Surrey, niece of bir John.

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in some cases for days." Mr. S. and Mr. H. also had nausea,

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to sav, there is everv reason to infer that the "inadvertence" was in-

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9. The Visceral Muscular Structures The tongue, muscles of the pha-

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