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neighbouring lymph glands are caseous. Numerous tubercles and

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several Branch Councils ; returns shall be made by the

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opened, also diffused an aroma of almonds and spices, that of cloves

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who was admitted to the hospital last spring, is a good

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objective and subjective symptoms^ while the local pathological changes

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fever, made far worse if the parts hang down" (Weir Mitchell).

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and it is said that areas of anaesthesia sometimes develop. In such cases

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The most important topic that has in a number of years been

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Pregnancy; Diseases of the Ovaries, etc. etc. These will be immediately fol-

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un tho tiixth day. Hh iiiiinodiato oaiiHO wan iiHiially heart fail-

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Expcr. 2. — Having shown that probable Foci of the anthrax spores exist

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up. The average results of any operative interference

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In speaking of diphtherial albuminuria we renmrked that it is usually

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development. Most cases that have come under my observation were

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nitrate 1-50 is applied. This application should be

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the pretensions of snobbish custom nor a somewhat cowardly

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Agricultural Society, accounts for their presence in the lungs by

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have given the results which laboratory experience would warrant us

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it readily becomes the means of communicating inflammation to

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out of it. Augustine Birrell at the end of his essay on

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wines. In both cases the delicacy of the digestion has al-

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Pellagrins Whose Record Was Indefinite in Any Preceding Year

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with another 3 ml of 1:10,000 epinephrine with cessa-

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fluid or coagulated. It must, therefore, come from the upper part

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Feay, (with encl.,) Dr. J. A. Wolf, Dr. A. G. Walter: R. J., Dr.

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rate of 21.7 per cent., and with infinite labor and pains,

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