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The inflation of a collapsed lung when removed from

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patient. When she comi)lained of a burning .sensation

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cleansing jirocess is continued for some time, the disinfec-

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That part of Table No. VIII, which relates to the receipts

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the skin, be given the tincture of iron in such quantity as she will tol-

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eighth rib, and to the left of the stomach, which it is immedi-

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the Children's Hospital at Dresden, 275 cases of typhoid fever, of which

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tion to remove a perverted state of the blood-vessels which is dependent

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terior surface of this sfjace is formed by the fascia lata, which

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of the monkeys for a maximum period of about 72 hours. Nothing

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much keeping the organism from getting into the body as

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drawn out into a long streak of light, while the naked eye, of course, sees the

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The Leukocytes. In well-compensated cases the leukocyte count

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admits of being embraced in a clamp, the lower portion of

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were refitted and agaiu opened for the exclusive use of seamen, on September

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morbid growths and other specimens exhibited before the Academy ; of this

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5iv. Dose, a large tablespoonful every two hours. Brandy, milk-puuch, and

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convenient to regard as a urinary affection, it is certain that the abnormal

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between rich blood and poor blood. In some constitutions,

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prospects bid fair for a large and influential gathering.

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incapacitated through injury or disease, and failure to return

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away ten, I think, as I for one feel fully convinced that

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well-made acid solution produces inflammation. The abscess

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of lime (sirup) should be administered three times a day with the

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must be enjoined. The food taken should consist of boiled milk, a

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dren were from poor families that could not afford to keep a

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