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topsies showed other organs beside the prostate impli-
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diet beyond his tolerance, so that he showed sugar constantly and was on tibe
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Murchison, D. R., Wilmington; Johns Hopkins, 1916 1922 1923
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and Amblyopia and Left Myosls. (To be continued.) 11. A.
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results obtained by different observers, without concert, who have resorted to
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izer, and is referred to in many places in this work. It is mixed
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invariably to be examined, and when the physician finds she has a lac-
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legs, which band is brought now about the limb to lace in
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removed from the original stock, retains the full virulence of the primary
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1935. The first is attempted to be answered by tonics, both ve-
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The extraordinary progress may be ascribed to the facilities
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The most common seat of the pain is 2 to 3 inches to the right of the median
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that cases of poliomyelitis and cases of cerebrospinal fever frequently occurred
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notification has thus far yielded as good results, at least in cases
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pian tubes has not abated, as is shown by a review of current
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he goes his round of the establishment, as he inspects the baths
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many cases. My ignorance in this case is partly due to the condi-
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transform the caseine. This artificial digestion of milk
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with the ovary at alL It is a mass that occupies a position in the
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*Read before the Kentucky State Medical Society, June, 1886.
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former view ; but that the latter is the true one seems to be estabUshed by
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pylorus, the hydrostatic method will make it possible to out-
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breast occupies from two to three years in growing, and from
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Colston has taken a lively, though a quiet, interest in promot-
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per-makers, 3; clothiers, 3; millers, 2; calico-printers, 2; bakers, 2;
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This leads me to a class of cases which I suspect have never
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pecia areata, eczema, syphilitic ulcers, condylomata, favus
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need not enumerate them. The fact that many of the names are
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except it be, as Dr. Flint suggests, they were content to take a

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