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cases of operation for the removal of goitre. In the first sixty cases

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the date of such diploma. If favorably recommended by the

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of 203 cases. Optic neuritis often occurs at a very early period ; accord-

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description, so I will confine myself to certain parts. One striking feature

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Treatment in Gynaecological Operations," and one lays down the

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ifax, 1888-9, i, 57. — I>nbar(L.) Lipome de I'index de la

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are relatively large, now and then measuring 1.5 mm. in their longest diameter.

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schools, nor can this be completely done in our universities,

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or tunnel made in the tissues covering the lower end

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the sphenoidal sinus than to open the ethmoidal cells, and

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seemed to me quite convincing. It is assumed that once the red cells

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likewise similarly treated, have fallen under my ob-

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ate, so much the better. The plan of treatment which

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under plaster jackets, is applied to the body from the axillse to the

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membrane) was only given to this disease by Bretonneau of Tours

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X Carapagno, " Gaz. med.," 1835, p. 11, et 1838, p. 107, et "Jour,

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United States giving too low a quality of education and that

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for a long time in 9, of whom 8 died ; for a moderate

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tuations in the strength, or in the number of its beatings, or both.

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gested, but free from any appearance of ulcerations.

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1920. When at work three weeks ago patient suddenly lost

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Until recently it was thought that erysipelas of the face and head, as

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at that so many men and women of society are neuras

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views are with reference to this question of prophylaxis. But, in order to do so in an

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sence of these cells in the latter. This fact has led some observers

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of bodily concerns (especially chronic pain) attempt

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riable rule, out of the question. But it will often occur, when the condi-

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after a full day's work, the patient, without any premonitory symptoms, is sud-

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