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more and more complete until the vital centres are in-

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that in a week the patient could see during the whole day, and

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sometimes purely platonic friendships with him. More

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gence is unaffected ; but there is often vertigo, noticed

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dose, when it may disappear again. The urine contains so little else

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the uterus in position, I passed my hand up and removed the placenta.

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omists were it not for his superior rank in clinical medicine.

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StJBSCRiPTiON Terms : 55.00 per year, in advance, postage paid,

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Retaining Appliances " devised and used for the purpose

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with the presence of bile in the stomach lies in its

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on Medical Management. Operation — Findings. After-history.

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contains much that is presented in such a way that,

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Autopsy. — Much emaciation ; muscular tissue of a

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years as profaesor of diseases of the eye at the Philadelphia

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seven of these not till after the fourteenth. In five cases only one or

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nounces that Dr. Koch published in the Deutsche Medi-

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hypnotism, of which it is only the first stage, and such

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tion to remove a perverted state of the blood-vessels which is dependent

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Cystinuria is usually accom.panied by the excretion of pentamethylen-

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Billings : The Leucocytes in Malarial Fevers. Bulletin of the Johns Hopkins

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Alopecia areata is for the most part of chronic progress, lasting gene-

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and how the help of the mothers is needed. Such meetings have been

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bly lead to results of the greatest importance — a prophecy which he regards

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preposterous story, and on this account it is to be regretted that the spook-

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