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skilled in the use of instruments to manipulate the rhinoscopic mirror

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changes in the liver. In view of the prominence in this disease of

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case of arsenic, between its reputed medicinal uses and its known

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-[dint dii'\M! in I'i-. :;::; .an be u-ed. |-'il'. 22() dmu- the -iplint applic li,

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cause. Experience, however, hardly confirms such an anticipation. There

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was complete decussation of the optic nerves in man.

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burnt, but not one of those who undertook this digusting work

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cysts of the lower lid combined with . . .] Vestnik oftal-

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^'^ftnaents, partly in various stages of atrophy ; most of them have com-

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morUm appearances of remittent tent uaisspond with those of

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organ comes still lower down, and may present at the orifice of the vagina.

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on account of subterfuge or pretence of disease. The

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cleansing and gently stimulating. It is particularly useful in

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under the author's supervision by the Willbrant Surgical

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ditions. He found that the organisms may continue to

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bathing and everything which tends to improve the general

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cases, and as a rule the mortality is put higher than this. Death usually

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taining bacteria make their way into the general circu-

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a rule, relapses are mild and end in recovery. The treatment

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There is a leucocytosis often of high degree. The autlior has

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support of his argument told the story of a tame oyster which

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renewed searing will be required to check the trouble

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only one large abscess or a series of small abscesses. A temporo-sphenoidal

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tients are also at risk of the rupture of mycotic aneurysms and

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be unimpaired, the appetite keen, even voracious, but the rule is that

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according to Dr. Gross, the public are beginning to say that

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Imrri'dly to her, and found her completely prostrated,

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made to flow from the vessels of the amputated part, whether

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incapacitated through injury or disease, and failure to return

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