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ing. Three out of five escaped. It was also more common for them to recover

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The usual order of program was varied by a very interesting surgical

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The point which I have desired to bring out in this paper is the

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presented a young man of twenty-three who had had infantile

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great deal of attention to the study of anatomy. They

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amination this showed well-marked interstitial myocarditis. In the kidneys

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is readily perceived, is its physiological history. But it is also sus-

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enough, in death. 2. In small doses, cerebral excite-

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but their association and their origin give rise to a morbid type which has its

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operations, he still believed that complete bony union of the

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an inactive fibroid lesion is justified unless constitu-

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In addition to the above divisions, each compartment is divided

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and pig feeding will more profitably accompany each other than will

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(Journal A. M. .1., April 8), advises instead immediate closure of the wound,

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patient to withstand operative mianipulations, and the condi-

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a monthly meeting of an hour's duration, or by the experience

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geben von R. Virchow. Berlin: G. Reimer. Published Monthly. (Received

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solely on the indications thus obtained. This is sound sense;

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observed trismus in connection with cortical lesions ; but the pathology of

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words in acknowledgment, Dr. Dickinson being absent.

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ment, and said he thought it was not justifiable. Dr.

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23 or 24, who up to two months before death had been

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ment. A case of lupus on the arm and leg of a child, supposed to be of

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and is entirely independent of what they are pleased to consider

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