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barrier and appear in cord blood. Use in pregnancy requires

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the reflexes preserved. They are sometimes hereditary and more than one

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in other ' c chronic inflammations, ' ' an affection of some distinct-

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The teeth are deeply discoloured; the molars are partly decayed

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Riga the cholera advanced through Gourland and Liefland (Livonia.)

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struction is the result of pressure from the new tissue growth and,

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seem to have met with the distressing, if not serious, consequences

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Seiler T, Wollensak J: Myopic photorefractive keratectomy with

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retrograde changes, known as cloudy swelling, fine and

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it is with feelings ofsorr m thai we arc oalled apoo to

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muscular exercise of them as possible, seemed to be the principal indications

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The patient, a girl, J. S., aged 14 years, was under my care

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clinical signs apparent unless the heart is closely inspected. In

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familiar with this morbid condition of the auricle, since

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regained their normal appearance, and thereafter the surface tem-

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Medical Inspector C. J. Cleborne, promoted to Medical Direc-

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tained compression of the hernial tumour, the delicate serous-

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substance of the lungs, producing a condition not unlike that of ordinary

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The chapters on " Examination of the patient " are very complete

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to be made in the cornea (Fig. 10), at its temporal side andabout

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school and of the Scotch school, and I trust it always

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shghtly improved, the sedatives may give place to refrigerating

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cular condensation at the apex <d'tlio loft lung, and the cicatrization of a

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large hemorrhage into the organ and adjacent structures has occurred in

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account of the warm weather, from 180 ])ounds at the

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age ; some of the worst of joints in young children ;

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iron, zinc, strychnine, and quinine, the advantages of electricity, climate,

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patient was ahnost pulseless it seemed to act as a stimulant, but it

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They also ionize either directly by collision or indirectly by

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in the medium becomes apparent. The rapidity w r ith which it

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were strong and robust he was always delicate, and be

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