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belladonna, prussic acid, tartar emetic, sulphates of copper and zinc,

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debility, the gouty tendency, malaria, poisons. Rheumatism

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is the indirect outcome of nasal surgery (Dercum). Many-

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country. About twenty-five per cent of hospital pa-

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in neglect of health, or even in self-mutilation and self-destruction

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wards. It is true that the women's apartments were very

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blistered in blebs and large serous exudations, which

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diplobacillus, Friedlander's bacillus, the Bacillus pyocyaneus, and

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etc., with the introduction of improved means for opeiat-

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treatment, the author found a progressive decrease of blood disks,

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especially those of a febrile character, will always exhibit more or less of

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before the American Association of Pathologists and Bacteriologists, at Wash-

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accelerated, and brought about much sooner than they would be by

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a needle at each extremity, the second of which was held by the operator's lips

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ed from a few days' delay. In company Avith Dr. TenBrook, wc

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come from Germany, was twenty-eight years of age, had

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that the patient gets some pleasure out of the possession and

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examinations of the sputum for diagnosis in every case

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time and self-sacrificing labor than is generally understood, any-

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means small, and it is to its members principally that

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oxidization by the sugar coating. We learn that the mass is soft,

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years 1863-64 among the women of the lowest classes, consequent

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cultating the abdomen he retires into the ante-room with

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forms of diabetes, and of chylous urine, etc., is first

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controlled. As a matter of fact, there is such a thing as rhythmic pseudobrady cardia,

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made much more difficult by the administration of large

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words in acknowledgment, Dr. Dickinson being absent.

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