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tion of fulness in the eyes ; the hands and feet felt hot and numbed. On
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may be quite obtrusive. Of 216 patients, 74 (34.2 per cent.) never had
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"It is an error, not merely common, but almost universal, to attribute the
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Damien, who became a leper at Molokai, in the Hawaiian
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Thrombosis in the Veins of the Pelvis and Lower Extrem-
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take as examples those to which my attention was especially
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ment-fixation test is that prepared by drying the washed organisms,
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in Hopedale, but not in Mendon and Blackstone so far as I
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ing thus relieved, is ordered to Fort Adams, Rhode Island,
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three days, and comprising 38.5 per cent of the febrile or 9.3 per cent
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or quite inaccessible to the finer effects of medicines, — those,
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goitre, and in addition to the exophthalmus there are other
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buildings now on the estate, so that they can be used
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work on "Refraction," recently publisjfied, has greatly
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cell sarcoma. As above stated, the microscopic exami-
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associated with that to be presently considered under the name pi
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almost immediately to droop, and an instant after the folioles close
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her with a slight nausea but no vomiting. She began to lose weight.
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the appearance of a stone, and then a profuse flow of
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meyer. Sims. Bozeman. McDowell. Boyer. Larrey. Dupuytren.
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writer has witnessed, cannot be brought to do, with what-
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disease in particular organs, or from accident, the whole body
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sympathy and admiration are enlisted because success to
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of all the cases ; and his own (Mr. Hulke's) experience, although much more
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laria sanguinis hominis, the discovery and prevalence of
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what we should expect. Dr. Bellyse, after using both
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" late " symptoms within one year of infection. Most of
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life in matter are carried on by protoplasm through the agency of
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ilospital Dej)artment of Colored Home. N. Y. , reports
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Schaeffer and Paul Cohn on "Asepsis," Dr. DUhrssen stated that he
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of exophthlmic goiter. On account of the natural fluctuating course of

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