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difficulty in swallowing. Vonderveer also reports a case in which a

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diet beyond his tolerance, so that he showed sugar constantly and was on tibe

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" I should have mentioned that he has not complained of pain in the head

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applications for this premium have already been made,

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Department of the Government, and the laboratories of the Agricultural Depart-

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twenty seconds in a sitting position, and dash cold

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powder one part to ten; or the Anderson i)owder; or comj^ounds of

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retching and vomiting are instantly excited. There is also .

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vaccination is repeated daily, as in the " vaccinization" sometimes used,

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ciation on one central legislative power, while in America this

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vii, 1-21. — Oo«l«ikovski' (K. I.) & Ostrov8Ui (A.

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I wonder if the members of the Academy have noticed

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* Subsequently published in the " Medical Record," and in a re-

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his bodv. Under careful treatment he so far recovered as to give an account

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Record says that he met an old friend of his who used to

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expressed to-day as compared with that expressed by this asso-

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hand of the operator when the ball is touched. This

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setts blessings, and 1 am sure that tlicy are neither few nor small.

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SNUFFLES. — This is a common disease that usually gives

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of the lamb, and its analogue, the Strongylus micrurus of the calf,

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From what has been said, it may be inferred that the treat-

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of at least seven other cases that died from haemorrhage from

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erroneous. Loffler regards the formation of spores to be very

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For two or three weeks she had complained of headache, liad vomited fre-

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young doctor has treated the patient until the money was

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