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is sometimes seen extensive muscular atrophy, but the history of the case,

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supply of chyle to the system, and in connection with

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called attention to the fact that large doses of naphthaliu might be

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sentenced, he shall be confined and treated almost every hospital for the insane, are

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He slightly modified his former conclusions, which I

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and the heart, opium would he fduiid to hold an im-

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Paris for that purpose when the news of the viceroy's

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continuous layers of half-detached epidermis mingled with collections of

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a single quarter, since a quarter contained sufficient milk to fill the container,

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The blood.— Dr. A. M. Stober, resident pathologist of the hospital, exam-

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reported, chloro-Brightism finally ends in severe uraemia, and even in death.

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tory growths around old-standing ulcers from carcinoma

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method of attaching the jejunum to the posterior gastric wall

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Before passing to the treatment proper I may as well forestall

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in tablespoonful doses, given in a cup of tepid water. It is

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several required the ligature, but were of a small size, and were mostly

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stomach can be discovered in this way. Einhom, Kutt-

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The patient, M. H., female, aged eight years, was ad-

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monly used in practical disinfection against surface contamination.

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trials of different specimens of the same serum, producing generally identical

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It has been estimated that for Galicia and Congress Poland there

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a strong smack of common sense, and in most excellent and

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proper treatment is to remove them. I saw this patient first' in the

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against mineral and vegetable poisons, why not also for organic

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Pellagrin 120: I. L., girl, was born in October, 1909. The initial attack of

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lated from the French by John W. Sterling, M.D. Just received by CARTER &

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Mix. Dissolve the naphthaline in ether before mixing

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siders them as mere dispensers of drugs or experts with

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who cannot at one charge drive the scamps down the way

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brought into apposition with the end of the piece of

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limits ; it is endemic in every quarter of the globe. It prevails, however,

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to left. These symptoms lessened and in three days the convul-

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to drink so much, and feeling no confidence in his own resolution

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