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of La Crosse, under the provisions of chapter 315, of the
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Colored Plates and 27 other illustrations, pp. x + 417. Price $ 2.00 net.
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to equal ownership. Busy practice, good hospital, and
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Injury to the vessels occurred in one of Leopold's cases,
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and elsewhere, among cattle drawn from the pastures
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The uterus was fixed at about the centre of the pelvis,
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give a brief summary of a series of cases operated upon at our clinic.
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eight, of cancer of the uterus. In the early months of the
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percentage of sterility, as well as of abortions, are due to gonor-
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are suhject to the customary rules of editorial revision, and will be
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duration the unantagonized action of the flexors of the ankle pro-
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expect that the constriction is not unusually tight.
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McKnight, and Dr. Frank H. Wheeler to the committee. In its report to the CSMS annual
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and twice previously the subject of inflammation of the lungs,
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magnesium and strontium,^^' ^^ substituting the latter two bases for a
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grene is a special reason for the maintenance of the patient's strength by
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iL ui.>».<». It parts of the body, or those most swollen, should be scarifiH
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century comparatively little progress, you to reform the existing methods and to amel-
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for several hours before death exceeding 111°. The ther-
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already made in regard to the utility of arsenic in cancer to relieve
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pipe is to be introduced into the anus, and the legs being extended, the thighs and
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The general illness that attended these suppurations
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whose powers as a histologist we are less acquainted. We
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planning geometry from the computer to the treatment position in a way which is
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size and a little conical at the extremity, and where greater accuracy is
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cow casein and beef, one to cow casein alone, while a number of the other

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