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Gofman: From that day forward, yes. Edward Bauser, who was

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on a cord. Physicians report first to the '^^'"'V^ capacity, becomes granular and

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on gaining access to the intestinal canal of another person.

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health. Truly this reparation demands as much of the physi-

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sibilities in those admitted to the scarlet fever and other wards.

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conveying structures. Yet we need not imagine such a history

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Severe sloughing came on, the femoral artery shared in it, and was

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is rapidly becoming as great as that which has changed

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phyfician, Dr Fritze, has only feen a fever of this fort once during the

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of her room secures all the benefits to be derived from

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Against nausea, subcutaneous injections of morphine and atro-

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the desiccation of the discharge from the raw surface left when the primary

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is usually found. The lungs present no constant changes, but are frequently

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consequence of having a cooking range on the premises,"

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