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lation in a portion of the brain \>y either an embolus or a thrombus in one

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rowest sense of the word. The very fact that the fetid odor of the

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mit, nor is it the object of this paper, to go into the treat-

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d6veloppement des pbalanges cbez un Itetus de cinq mois.

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prominent than the other two. The fungiform papillse are

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in this case it seemed to him that the abdominal wall

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hours; the dose is then reduced to 45 „i„„„„t^i ,.' ^^^i^ ^^,-

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nature of talipes ; and, if the patient is still able to get out of bed and

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were arranged at nearly right angles to each other, as

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have been somewhat neglected in this regard. This omis-

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"The qualification should include on adequate knowledge,

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who took the proper steps to right them. Arrangements were made by

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of a subscription of twenty francs, but all communications

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continually ; and at the same time there was carried

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ject is demanding more and more attention. The fact brought out by Dr. Flem-

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latter calls a beri-beric interstitial hepatitis. The cells show fatty

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and confirmed by finding a bottle containing ten two gr. quinin

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tion, this increase during the first ten days being confined to the polymor-

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Pfizer Laboratories, Division of Chas. Pfizer &

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bral symptoms, such as a sense of weight or fulness, vertigo, tinnitus aurium,

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in the back by a drunkard, the child at birth similarly marked. jVnother-

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tine, morphine, and the glycerophosphates. Arsenic, kola, coca,

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ber 11, Dr. E. J. Mellish read a paper entitled : General

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were offered little or no encouragement from their family

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Farland presented a communication entitled " Experi-

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The short incubation period is established by the appearance

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ing back, are emitted through the larynx and mouth into

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unhealthy appearance, but the nitric acid lotion quickly set them

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of an extensive work, like the one before us, cannot of course he criti-

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fluid into its lower layers, and the fluid, brought into the

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house, and not used there for drinking. It was easy

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ing over all dream-land, and then, with the aid of a keen eye and his

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