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bacteria may get into water. The brief heating renders

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in the substance of the food itself, may become highly poisonous — plornaine

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inflation is represented by a chest expansion of one and

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stomach is clear, the patient may take Ammonia in small doses (10

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Itrol (silver citrate). This preparation, so strongly advocated by Crede,

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several, of which the following is a remarkable example: "Not long after

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u/ili peace ub on owr quanrd anaonst itboriQ uater urfhi&PL kab

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spot cauterized with a little Lunar Caustic, The larger ones may

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effects of drugs, without which we believe all his diagnostic skill

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sufferii>g. The pain may be uniformly distributed along the

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L.M.— Medical Officer for the Dispensai-y DLsti-ict of Armagh Union,

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Epitome of Chemistry. By W. Henr3% New edition, 8vo. 12s.

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cases, however, ascending thrombosis takes place and may occasion

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tion on the animal organism, we find at once, although with many

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and becomes dirty in his habits. To remove the feelings of discomfort,

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gation is, therefore, all the more desirable and all the

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from the matter lodged on the skin alone, upon this ground, that a contagious virus is

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When the symptoms of fatigue have passed oft', massage

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explain the fact that transformation of special components of tissue

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are characterized by some peculiar features. I wish to draw yoar

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1946 through 1948, as president of the Hennepin County

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right side, within a few inches of the curb-stone. The window from which

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seltzer water, or it can be rendered effervescent, or be fiavored

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might be either paid visitors, or examiners, or assessors, or

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or, unfortunately, to mistaken kindliness, which is well meant,

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death rate from 1882 to 1902 was reduced from 142 to 17 per 100,000.

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TII. The law of fatigue. Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond., 187.5-6,

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paraplegia, and anaesthesia. Fatty degeneration of the liver,

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syphihs plays in such cases and the variety of changes evident in

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