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vaginal route, demonstrated in this series of studies,

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matic vein of the right side empties into the vena cava, in a direction nearly

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pitals, officered by men in general practice, who had had

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The fact that in many cities (Edinburgh, Menna, New York, Boston,

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which soon increases in size. On the thu-d day, the

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our reported series, 2 cultures were made at operation in October,

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13. If it has been necessary to remove the whole of the as-

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mately did get well with an useful and shapely foot.

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last course of lectures given by the late Dr. Austin Flint, he tried to impress the

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But we know that every effort has been exerted toinake the " forty-sixth

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whole day, in spite of soap and hot water. I have experienced some-

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in epidemic form without being accompanied by cases of true variola.

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of a class of delirious patients, found mostly m rural districts,

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or to relieve the uneasiness in these intervab by taking a biscuit or some

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of an incandescent electric light, the positive purple after-image

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publisher, year of publication, edition and page numbers.

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ment is the best, but it cannot be taken apart for cleaning. The

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tliat have a possible diagnostic importance (1) tissue fragments,

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As usual, there was that indistinctness of sight which is

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prominent than the other two. The fungiform papillse are

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such immunes with perfect safety. Thirty thousand such immunes were allowed

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a tongue like a blanket cleaned under digitalis in two days.

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Reflexes. These very commonly show some alteration, but the findings

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bore his head into the pillow. Sometimes his limbs are stifi". He generally

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they should simply and only furnish the place to do

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For clearness, then, let us state our observation succinctly as

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quarantuie. He reports that "the cholera was brought

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a sort of auto-anaphylaxis occurs." — (Aids to Bac-

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the size of the resulting cavities, and the degree in which bronchiec-

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he heard done many times, they always said with a courtesy : "We are

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swelling and tenderness, in the right knee-joint. No other joint had be-

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