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a white hat with a black band around it, and my hand

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in their essential causes from the more obvious oorporeal maladies.

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once induces slough, as in the case of snake bites, already referred

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Gentlemen: — There remain for consideration a few

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organisation of our muscular, vascular, and nervous systems is no less

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" In the second class, we find the patient attacked with

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Baly, William, student of St. Bartholomew'a Hospital.

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(L'Union Medicale. Braithwaite's Retrospect.) — Intercostal neuritis

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performed are of very great interest, or should be, to

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according to circumstances, and if you wish to increase its efficacy

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sarcoma, and recurrent adenoma of the corpus uteri in

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that the tissues would slip from the clamp or that they would not

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and was, in none of them, a symptom upon which reli-

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the vast majority of the cases, we may have a urethritis due to other

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ducted at the neurologic clinic, showed the nervous system normal in 44 per

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to produce fresh lesions when restraint is removed or when j)roper

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anatomico-physiological bearings of that particular part;

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to our county societies, and it is succeeding as well as we could have pos-

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(iii.) Treatment during the period subsequent to the stage of reaction.

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hefore hackward^ completing the operation. Should other

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give a brief summary of a series of cases operated upon at our clinic.

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Price, $2.00, net; $2.17 by mail. Publishers, Boericke & Tafel,

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not. It matters very little what time of the day is chosen,

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in the Production of Nervous Disorders. By Charles E. Lock-

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appearing fixed. No swelling of the joints was noticed. He

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Blomquist CG: Hemodynamic effects of medical anti-shock trousers (MAST

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low fever. Rep. Superv. Snrg. Gen. Mar. Hosp. 1891-2,

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ticular remedies or apparatus, in which the parties writ-

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milder forms there may be no lameness, with the more severe the

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to say, continental pathologists seem not to have found the kidneys diseased

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employed till the fever was over. The wine which I tasted

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colic, with fullness of the veins of the hands and forehead, restlessness,

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The region which receives the name of motor zone is irregular

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glosso-labial paralysis is convenient from its brevity, and it expresses the

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5. Support and encourage upward mobility for employees so that they may

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