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lunar valves. He was again relieved for a short time, but about six weeks

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then, survives a longer period. Life has continued from one to

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1899. Ivi, 1. — Foa (P.) .Sul raodo in oui agirebbe il siero

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^avity of the urine were emphasized in differentiat-

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advantages of this plan are manifest to the Committee.

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Care Plan, Inc., 150 Sargent Dr., New Haven, CT 06511.

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insanity, Dr. H. Sutherland closes a valuable paper ( West Riding

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to as "subjects") to a survey sent to their Madison

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IX. The rectum and colon in this species are both ab-

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29 to " teething," 171 to diarrhoea, 263 to " lung diseases,"

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diminished. His fever, notwithstanding, still continued ; he spoke in-

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It serves to keep the intestines warm. When the skin becomes chilled, a largely

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they are still, as in the annelides, nearly equally developed through-

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all cases. The first duty of the surgeon or the general practitioner is

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therefore recommended more for the purpose of aiding the surgeon in giv-

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and consequently the ensuing deformity is scarcely rec-

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of ischia, but his results were very gratifying in trigeminus neu-

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the umbilicus, with the intention of falling directly upon the linea alba, and

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and advice. Common lodging-houses and houses which are sub-

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so-called " cerebral rheumatism " of adults, where the life of the patient is

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hobbying a particular remedy upon the profession. A

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has bestowed upon London charities, selecting Middle-

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No characteristic symptoms attend upon its invasion. There may be slight

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Iodide of potassium has the distinction of occasionally producing a

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Eradicate these sources, and discontent will cease."

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Brown, also of Minneapolis, spoke cn “The Treatment

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In the above sketch of the treatment of tympanitis, my chief object

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ways became moist under the application and during the last

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body has passed in the water, with the time of the suspected birth.

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childhood or infancy was to be found in the suscejatibility of that

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neath it were found minutely injected; about a puat of sero-puru-

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inflamed, the affected part being either of a bright scarlet or a

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tor. The posterior one is smaller than the anterior one, in order to

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So far as the question of sterility in the male is concerned, reliance

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