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met in September to determine how best to allocate the

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blended and combined in one patient, so that it is difficult to dissociate

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neous, and highly refractile. But even here, with high micro-

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represent mere precipitations of crystallizable or other solid constituents of

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complex pattern of responses in lower doses than required to produce periph-

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Extension course on integration of analytical instruments with a computer.

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of the U. S. P. be employed, far less irritation and dangerous

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diately. This was all the treatment used until the 25th, when

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uterine contractions, causing a spasm which affects all portions of the

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not unlike that preceding a dermatitis exfoliativa. The desquamation

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is here given to other methods, although the healing is not so

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general emanations, from surgical erysipelas, and from ca-

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fatal h;rmorrhage sometimes occurs, or that it is more

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Case 4.— (St. Mary's Hospital Reports for 1900.) A boy 8

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exists in a living patient by learning the pathological state of

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By C. R. Bree, M.D., F.Z.S., Senior Physician to the Essex

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tioner a work in which he can obtain, in the smallest

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lar space are not infrequently the seat of syphilitic meningitis.

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takes notice of a startling statement recently made by

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Sedgwick and Batchelder,'' 1 892, were the first to record the bacterial

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good many cases. It is not common. The most severe case I

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cases of central disease, in which nerve-stretching

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In the elbow-joint the metaphyses of all three bones are

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cated l>y the knifr of the surgeon, lu the frreul majority of cases it pursues

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forming a cone with a peripheral base, and containing a drop of pus. The

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hitherto received. In a report on the climatology and

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to the Pennsylvania Hospital; Consulting Physician to the

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Gynecologic Surgery, Errors, Safeguards, Salvage . 375

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Drogheda, and Wexford. Of these towns, the first three

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