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spasmodic asthma, but as a permanent disease it results from

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one safeguard in the rules that had lately come into force, which

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posed to the application of local caustic treatment, hav-

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It is not easy to see how a salt can belong to more

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increased in quantity in the patient's blood; this increase goes steadily

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the spine ; an incision of about five inches in length was made, in the

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by extension under chloroform ; each bone had to be

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part quite accounted for the absence of lateral pulsation. The

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the present time, when practically all civilized countries save the United

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and the hemorrhagic-catarrhal nephritis of Wagner. The glomerulo-nephritis of

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ure over the iliac region, especially on the left side, there was

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tric anadeny, toxic gastritis, atrophic catarrh, certain types of nervous

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fusely illustrated with mostly original drawings, is

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metals, analogous to silver in their action. In fact, the blood

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antidysenteric serum proves as successful in the future as might

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any further escape, a ligature was applied. There appeared, at first, to be a con-

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April ]3Lti, Ttie patient left tlie hospital in three weeks, after

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following results at the MuterniU during a period of sixteen

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of saliva. This is evidence that the child is under the effects.

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farmer by occupation, was sent to me from the country

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doubt cases of hysterical hemiansesthesia. What appears to me an

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He came, therefore, for the first time to London, with twenty

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tumor to the right of the median line, and half-way be-

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of well-water polluted by cesspools. At present the exclu-

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Hemorrhoids. — Piles are generally described as being —

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those diuretics effective over the entire range of cardiac failure.

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perts are summoned to testify in cases of any importance,

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demonstration for several months, having previously been subjected to

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statistically significantly elevated SIRs for common can-

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unfrequently complicates Bright's disease in its advanced stages, embolism

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side, a decided tenderness at Bobson's point with dulness extending

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