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a fragment of the clothing from the inside of the wound, and I do not think Dr.

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relations between the external surface of the skull and the prin-

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of dilRculty, the (juestion of some method of explora-

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mediately to recommence the practices inducive of another — yet

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flabby, that on the right side being two and one-half inches long. She recovered

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irritating factor. Such treatment of course fails to relieve, and the

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thing upon every detail of the subject, supported by

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found in the anterior column a degeneration much more exten-

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infectious diseases, such as scarlatina, measles, . variola, typhoid fever,

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various alterations are only the consecpience of the same morbid process, and

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or four hours, administered, so as partially to narcotize the child.

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group of acid-fast antigens is striking. The bacteria used, B. typhosus,

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few hours latter the child died. At the necropsy congenital

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From the favourable result of this, and of other cases, in which the os cal-

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nation of which more than accounts for the real de-

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plementing activities involved in treating patients with

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health permitted, devoted himself exclusively to the study and prac-

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State control of health matters is superior to that of Federal by

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of operation, with traction on the hyoid sufiScient to prevent

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Isinglass consists of the swimming bladder of various

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portion of the posterior lip were occupied by well-defined, copiously secreting

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Subscriptmi Price, $[.oo/er annum in advance, Singit

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other cases the bones are slender and brittle, and in some they contain only

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the ringing of bells had continued to cause a feeling of anguish.

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eral cases of lumbar cocainization employed to mitigate

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tion, a result which agrees with the fact that the disease in

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were sound. The processus dentatus was unusually large, and there

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other causes, such as tumors seated in the stomach or duodenum, enlargement

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upon by first removing with curved scissors, curett-

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— Dr. Austin Flint, Jr., of New York County, i)rescnted this

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