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involve the mucous membrane of both tubes and uterus.
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coagulum, a change which the author considers the first step to
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disease that the practitioner cautions the subjects of chronic
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Workhouse Infirmary, May, 1860. He stated that he had
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infusion of senna, epsom salts, and electuary of scammony. I remem-
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the strongest convex glass with which it is at its best is the
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Montreal Foundling Hospital. — ^The annual meeting of
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should allow any term of practice to be a J When the Convention reassembled, Dr.
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If we, as doctors’ wives, are to have any influence in
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be required. Its effect on the skin is very apparent, though not imme-
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protoplasm often cannot be seen, and the nucleus is thrust down to the
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ness of health and because he fears death. The fear of
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and around the hospital, that he thinks it must be caused, in wounded and weak
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writings remain, and these consist, for the most part, of
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many instances of simple closure of the anus may have
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applied, is not necessarily small, but is often in-
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the patient learns to write with his left hand, the spasm sometimes appears
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tion which .shaU developo their volubility, their love of liigh-
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not say it even though his tongue is not paralyzed.
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with gout, and there has been a strong pronouncement of opinion
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every two hours. Astringent remedies are to be given with reference to
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