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The University Medic ai. Magazine is published on the ist day of each

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of the chest ; yet considerable dulness remains, and will probably continue

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tients for several years were within the sphere of an epidemic influence,

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By this mode of regarding the various currents, in the entire

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atmospheric air in the air-cells ; and if bloodletting be injudiciousl}- prac-

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parox3^sm. A medical friend, however, has related to me a case in which

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infusion or tincture of capsicum, in supporting the tohe of the

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^' SOth. The patient felt much better, her tongue was moister

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example, the haemoptysis occurring regularly for the four years following

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dance in cases of acute tuberculosis, when no degenerated or cheesy masses

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and in every instance from healthy children, with unquestionable

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of the day ; gladly avaiUng himself of the thoughts and expe-

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T90 of 1000 parts. Obviously a certain proportion of water is essential.

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as eells, alveoli, crypts, pockets, lacuna, glands, villi, papillae,

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The author's originality is evident to every reader of his work ; and we trust, for the

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times very great. Notable enlargement, however, in my experience, is

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the benefits which have accrued from this plan of instruction to the

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rator^' mu"l'niur show the presence of lung. The heart's impulse is sup-

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influence which the employment of electro-galvanism is capable

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the yellow tuberculous product, or they are the semi-transparent bodies

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naltrexone is derived from

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from the thigh of a man forty years of age. Presented by Dr.

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it is difficult to decide the question by ocular observation. The delicacy of

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had had haemoptysis. Of 101 compositors working in apartments with

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SCOTT & BOWNE, 132 South Fifth Avenue, NEW YORK.

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in cases of violent hsemoptysis ; and soon afker it had ceased, aus-

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selecting, as types of the disease, a few well-marked cases, and basing the

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We supply the gas In two sizes of cylinders, containing respectively forty and one hundred gallons, either pure OAjlglMd

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other cases, both l^-mph and liquid are either abundant or small. Judging

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Anatomical Characters. — The disease very rra'Ci}^ proves fatal during

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the pleuritis is unusuall}^ prominent and attended with more or less liquid

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self to whatever might be the event. As a last resort, in the

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is not, however, improbable, as has been conjectured, that regurgitation

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had heard of a cure having been thus effected in another case.

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