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nia by Mr. Francis Abbott, F.E.A.S., r.E.M.S., assisted byMr.E.
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Tincture of Iodine in Acute S'Mpcr/£ciaZ| attention of your readers. — Lanctt, Dec. 22,
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covered, or 24 per cent. The other sixty-five cases were
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occasion, not, I need hardly say, in the form of a clinical
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the addition of sugar, cinnamon or wine, etc., variety
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of the Society, as defined by its constitution, to be, to
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guished German obstetrican states that he knows of no compli-
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effect in slowing and increasing the force of the heart's beat in cases
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been adopted for them. Their duration may be as long as that of typical
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drawn out into a long streak of light, while the naked eye, of course, sees the
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abscesses have discharged their contents. Geldings subject to
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Passint; over tlie desirability of repoitiiifx the un-
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children may cry when pricked or otherwise irritated, it is merely the
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it appeared that the supra-renal capsules were either absent or
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temperatures they are brittle solids. Their solubility in
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standard, will be required before they are allowed to
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pigmented skin and the finding of iron-containing pigment in the cells of
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I trust bo a sufficient apology for my again troubling you with
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line, the other two inches below the border of the ribs and
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GENTI.EMEN: — I Will Continue the study of the ques-
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mentary external immobilization. When the time comes to
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the lower end of the apparatus it will be noticed that
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houses, in plates containing culicidal solutions ; the use of ventilators,
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sure, suppuration within the cysts, and a cachectic state of the constitution
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demonstrated the limitations which exist as to knowl-
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By W. A. Flecker, M. D., Richmond, Va. (j^ath of many being allowed, without even

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