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fact a confirmed skeptic, but we certainly cannot ac
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Experiments on the production of specific antisera for in-
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The value of baths is perhaps hardly sufficiently recognized; the child
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means of preventing conception.* If, through inadvertence,
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several days to work at a master tailor's in Clifton, who caught
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cept water, for the space of forty-one days. From the
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sediment resembling coffee-grounds. Occasionally the liquid is bright
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medical profession as a conglomerate blot of necessary
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Ascorbic Ac/dā€” Vitamin C plays a role in anemia therapy. It augments the
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8.ā€” liater Impressions of the " Nonheredity of Acquired
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ments to the pattern of the newer theory of the origin of tubercle.
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their beauty or structure, for which, of course, a polariscope must
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but when applied to the back vastly increased the sufferings of the patient.
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If the entire thickness of the skin is destroyed ternble deformities
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namely, threatening intestinal obstruction, discharge, and tenesmus, may
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cases I have found great relief to often follow the use of a solution of
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statements which his letter contains. We can only hope that
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must be a reasonable expectation of improvement that will be of
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On April 13th I was called in consultation by Dr. New-
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than is the case with hotel blankets. All linen is renewed each
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Elements of Sanitary Science. By Surgeon-Major C. J. 31'Xally,
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lower levels. He surmised that the cause of this increase in the
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observation and some experiments, that it is not pathologically virulent,
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bral be blocked, the nutrition of the whole region to which it is dis-

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