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should have mild farinaceous diet, milk, chicken -broth,

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same nosological name and character. At least it cannot be

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representatives to prevent the vast injury to the nation

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stupefying their victim or for killing him; by loose

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only caused redness of the integument Pulse 120, small and weak; On ausculta-

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The .sagittal fontanelle in the heads of infants at birth.

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and reaching half-way to the umbilicus. On the left side a projecting

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found that, owing to the thickness of the abdominal wall and

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polyuria, and all)uminuria by the increased pernie-

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congenital hypoplasia of the blood-vessels and genitalia; Clarke's, of oopremia;

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the stomach. This accident would take place oftener than it does, were

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chordae tendineae suffer as well Either (1) the disease causes

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phenomena and whose hands in the morning, after he had washed them,

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the outside of the uterus. I keep my hand upon it aflĀ«r the

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thick mass sufficiently to prevent hajmorrhage. He had always

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" There were thus twelve cases in which the primary cyclitis was

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operation, whilst vaginal hysterotomy of the kind under dis-

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venereal ulceration not followed by gland complication. The

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various practice arrangements; thirty-eight percent are solo

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the specialties is wholly inadequate. In only a few hospitals is the out-

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tip, excise the supernumerary nostril and the partition between it

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sharp ; skin still very hot ; tongue moist and cleaning. She was or-

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Kilkauwag oroli i zadaniii speiczesnej ekspertyzy sj^dowo-

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