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intended for horses. Various excipients are used to make

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margin in the linea semilunaris. On opening* the abdomen

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the superficial type of rodent ulcer. The inner part of this lesion has

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patients. The point of the syringe entered a subcutan-

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matter for some years past. I do not profess to have that very

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The first mode of improvement is especially charac-

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in the most wretched condition, and then also the trouble with

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p. 199.— 6. Thin. Med.-Chir. Trans, xlvi. pp. 283-287.-7. Wilks. Med. Times and

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continuing treatment in the context of all types of

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is a thin layer of sterilised blood — growth is very rajjid and very profuse ;

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Tuberculosis. — While our knowledge of the dissemination of tubercu-

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of monkeys, or injected subcutaneously. Up to the present all these

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paper was read with great distinctness, and every word from

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the first property need hardly be feared. In cases of

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Langhans' cells, fluid in the chorionic villi which does not contain

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child-bearing period, they are far less important as

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the institutions I have named are pretty universally

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tending to the right side of the pelvic brim. The diag-

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that causes a rapid destructive process in the teeth. We

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number of experiments, carefully comparing the character

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tracted into its vesicle, but a hard white spot on the surface

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Concerning the management of the various l^pes of multiple

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of, and that the motion of the heart was to be accounted for in a

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markedly below those of earlier peacetime years. While much

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removed by pressure, with absorbent cotton, before it is passed into the uterus.

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findings.^^ When the combined evidence from these different sources is

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It is a distinction I appreciate very greatly, not only on account

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shall secure definition of all scenes, far and near, and has also

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for digestion by thorough comminution and mixing with the saliva,

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