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10. The finding of a positive Wassermann reaction does not neces-
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spot, as the supraorbital notch; if the unconsciousness is alcoholic, he will come
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cliills; or stuffed nose, especially at night; swelling and painful sensi-
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Clinic (Rochester, Minn.), and at Augustana Hospital.
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was anesthetized it was discovered that the condition
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read a table of twenty-three cases of Ctesarian operation performed in these
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^ MarshaU HaU observed that sometimes the movements continued during sleep
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perfectly well, suddenly developed great thirst, a vora-
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observers have thought that the cause of the enfeeblement of the heart's
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Conway made accurate thermometrical observations, and says, " Brace's
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has been a patient with whoopingcough, there being no direct,
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bone of the head. The auditory nerve (from the I^atin audire,
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than eighteen inches to two feet below the surface.
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Philadelphia, devising plans for the purification of the Pro-
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gan to intei niit), and vomiting, alihougli abated, had not ceased,
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Ijassage through the chorion, notably at its lower part.
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cess. The only drawback to the passage of the bill at this ses-
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of mattresses and linen will be all that is required. Where
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the nerves is nearly always present in neuritis; in the case of aneurysm
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being real. A large squint would be no evidence, but the slighter the
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than true and nephritic. But combinations of the two conditions may be
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the editor of three editions previous to this, died in 1888,
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take the calf away suddenly by pulling upon it; if this is done
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supported in its claim by strong legal authority, and
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methods which make food palatable and attractive; and the danger in
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Failure and Acute Myocardial Infarction.TAMA 1941; 116:91-7.
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and its abnormal richness in carbon dioxid. The cutaneous capillaries
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iMtli compound tr.uturc of tin- iniKimin.itc lnim-, ilic
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results, and I feel sure that the scepticism which exists
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Sciences— Birmingham Morning New.s— Irish Daily Telegraph— Western
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of Brooklyn and surgeon of the First Long Island Regiment,
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Anstie has called it, a peculiar food-action, all these so-called

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