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toes colder than those of the other foot ; sensation not so

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most of which has been directed toward the study of

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XfOA membrane, forming the edge of the ulcer, becomes attached to the

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man Bendell; Fourth District, A. W. Suiter; Fifth Dis-

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opulation; trade area 16,000 population located in south-

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Finally, hydramnios may suggest the presence of a tumor \"ithin the

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of popular belief is due to the author of the book before us.

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prudence, both theoretically and practically. In regard to the first,

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disease produced by the contact of a special virus,

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Creighton says, has not occurred, as at the end of the

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sponding periodic cycle in men is a less difficulty, when we remember

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almost without exception absent in tabes dorsalis, while as a general rule

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rum birchloratum corrosivum, P. G.; hydrargyrum muriati-

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nalis for Secondary Tubercular Disease.— By J. A. Hutch-

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Bash. — A general erythematic flushing sometimes occurred and

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rather than to reason. It is written by a fervid enthusiast

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disease upon the condition of the blood, are almost conclusive in favour of

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tractions of the uterus and the abdominal muscles. Under

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consistence. In other animals seventeen weeks after the operation, the liver

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lesions resulting fx"om inflammation, neuromata, and tumors of various kinds

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arteries are not atheromatous, and contain recent dark clots.

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suggested, because if left until the boy's voice was fully develoi)ed there would

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at surgical progress. Among the Italians Santoro, already

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eradicated altogether, for we may well understand, and ex-

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practitioners, ad infinitum, including “foot doctors” and clairvoyants and magnetic

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urine is small, but it is sometimes abundant. In the cases in whicli it is

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the cricoid cartilage, on each side, to the base of the arytenoid.

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^rv Pvn ' f "^Tr^°J ^"'■.fi^e°"^ <Sur- the best chance to instruct the mother and

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tion to exertion. After from twenty-four to thirty-six hours a severe chill would

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out flagella. The parasites are sometimes present in the blood in very small numbers

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length he dies. If, as it more frequently happens, he recovers, the insensibility

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is self-evident, and it seems strange, in this age of sani-

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