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much importance. He would like to know how many cases
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following manner; it comes on a sudden towards the close of
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in a large proportion of cases the symptomatic phenomena are due to in-
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the constant escape of sufficient air to preserve the neces-
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tines, yet consumption and destruction awaited him at
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examinations. But his faculties were so far impaired that he
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summation phenomena, and if the stimuli were thrown in sufficiently
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or obstruction to the circulation, and the drug purpurae, which are
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outspoken advocacy. The modus operandi is thus described in
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from the results of these external applications of metals
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ures were administered, partly by the priests and partly by the physi-
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efforts of individual practitioners, who have devoted
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chloric production is diminished or absent, but with ab-
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Oxyuris vermicularis, Bremser: syn., Ascaris vermicularis (Linne);
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attention, however, more particularly to the fact that excessive
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cal Joumal, vol. v., 1850 ; also, Report of the New York Metropolitan Board of
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The spiral distribution and movements of the atoms and
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Also, transl. : Ann. d'ocul., N. T., 1896, cxv, 237-253.—
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The ground squirrel most commonly found in this county is the
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which belong to the heart. The fact, you may perhaps think,
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maintain their form, and pressed into the form of the part for which
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A Practical Treatise on Fractures and Dislocations.
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an hysterical person may be subject to epileptic seizures.
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toms. Indeed, involvement of the psoas may give rise to symptoms of coxitis,
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cent., Rouis), there are two or more cavities. The frequent occurrence of the
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out flagella. The parasites are sometimes present in the blood in very small numbers
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with much apparent relish incises the chest with lines like a crucifixional
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predecessor for their effective and untiring efforts in ^^
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resilient qualities while the synovia is increased and presses the bones
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of the drug during lactation is not recommended. Mammalian
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