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morbid condition of the blood denoted by the latter term embraces some-
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proved to be due to protein precipitation and not .to multiplication
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usually so strongly marked, being obscure or wanting. Pain and tender-
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Health Service in the past three years that we get better returns from
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"The puzzle of the universe will no doubt be only moved
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the atmosphere and blood become impregnated with carbonic
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tion of the large intestine, so as to expose the bowel
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patient. When she comi)lained of a burning .sensation
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conferences at some central and accessible point in each of the twelve
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of mattresses and linen will be all that is required. Where
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the serum of the rabbit acquired the ability of agglutinating the
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w^all, they had in their minds the recent British, German, and American
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but unfortunately it is open to exceptions, which interfere with the applica-
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anat.-clin. de Lille, 1886, i, 59-61. Also: J. d. sc. med. de
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suddenly seized with lameness in the right lower limb,
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a hundred cases ten days after their return from the fever hospital, and
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exposes her to annoyance in the streets. The amount of protrusion varies,
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and that we rejoice, with them, tliat he was cheered in his dying hour by
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points would hold good. In both cases we had a pro-
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tion in the intestines. The bacilli of phthisis sometimes disap-
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must have happened, though of course he did not know their opinion,
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Since that time it has been recognized and treated of by nearly aU medical
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so much. As a member of the club which bore his name, I
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infrequently contains large masses of fibrin. The synovial membrane
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may form on the aorta, that is, the large artery that is given off
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an opening into a branch of the pulmonary vein, produced by " ulcera-
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Next in frequency to its development in the course of rheumatism, it
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its upper part, and is allowed to swing well away from it
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numerically small, but as a percentage large. ... An examina-
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have administered to the following complaints with great success, to
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kinds of teaching have their place ; but there is little

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