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They hold that it would be impossible for the heart to

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Magnesife C rbonatis. The Liquor Slorphise Acetati-, of 1851

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this sphygmogram indicates, she is afraid to take -this po-

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principles of therapeutics. The primary objects of all treatment,

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Riegel advises the straight front corset in some cases,

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Each white tablet contains ethynodid diacetate 1 mg /ethinyl estradiol 50 meg

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Eeid, James W., Lowell, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1909 1909 1910

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Marine," partly translated by our Smithsonian Institution ; and a third,

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tom of an incipient phthisis or tuberculosis, instead of a sign of a mere

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to neutral, or even to alkaline. I do not, as the French physician (Dr.

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remained unopened for any considerable lengtli of time,

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difference between the forearms must have been 1.9 centimetres in favour of the

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the various forms of paralysis have been accurately

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Hospital from 1874 to 1884, "24 kidneys containing stones were

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curriug opinions of numerous other observers. This existence of bile in the

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sary business with the greatest regularity. A young Scotch trapper, Thomas Glendy,

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Durham, Mr. A. E., on the operation of opening the larynx 178

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entering these canals, thus enabling them to heal far better, and

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of the medicine as the basis of the treatment, whilst he considers the applica-

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accumulation of fluid will have been preceded by the signs and symp-

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Symptoms. — The pain, at first deep and throbbing, soon

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blocks one inch square. Dust with powdered sugar and

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Europe and America in the great progress and development

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moderate error.s of refraction. Am. J. Oplith., St. Louis,

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cholera ; or rather, that many of the cases registered under the

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Professor of Surgery at Creiglitoii Medical College, Surgeon to Presbyterian and St

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