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mals into pasture at least one day in the week. It is to be presumed,

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tive of the risen Lord it was expected that the sermons delivered would

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details are extraordinarily complete and testify to the care

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liesolved^ That we, the Board of Ladv Supervisors of the

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They are invariably very pleased with the results of the opera-

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it. As the matter is one of considerable public and

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the early stage of nodular lupus vulgaris of the thigh

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excellence isaresultof Republicanism we are almost persuaded

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internal secretions of the ductless glands, it main-

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or lungs. If the affected side of the chest becomes much greater than

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any subject, the rarer the opportunities one has for testing his experiments.

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muscularly. Intravenous injections of sensitized typhoid vaccine

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by externarmea?, rcn ents of tl>e"ne^f '"VV"''*,''*" "^^''"-^

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brown from the fajces deposited on the fur by the fleas.

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ethicist can claim to understand, or else leave you wonder-

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matous, &c. Sometimes an emetic was given, and in three cases blood was

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standing or attempting to walk he was ot)!iged to hold on to

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of cases of the disease, and the patients were all healthy people

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"We have traced the varying phases through which the conception

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of the nerves and their distribution was requisite. A third method

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— ^the whole confirmed by a chemical analysis, of course not

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ring haematemesis caused death, the haemorrhage coming from small

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ultimately converted into black. Not unfrequently crystals, supposed to be

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The following account contains what he considers the best method

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who is now three years old; and lastly a baby who died in

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were found in irregular cylindrical columns which ex-

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tlietii' ophthalmia. Am. Pract., Louisvilli', 1884, xxx, ii5-

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* The translations of this passage by Cowper and Dacier are

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Taking, now, the 2,000 cases of deaths of medical men, ^^'^ skiU is to be found. It inveighs against the « old

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esting program covering a wide range of allergic condi-

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mention that unguentum tart, antimony or hydriodat. potass, were abo

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grains of calomel, and three days later the same quantity of santonica. This

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mitoses in the principal cells of the parathyroids. He looked upon these

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the Committee to consider their work, your Committee begs

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the hypertrophy about the turbinated bone, better than any agent I have

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