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attended with sudden shootings, and generally with throbbing, which is

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cases of mitral stenosis in which it is ditticult to assign a satis-

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of Greek models over prolix Arabian commentaries, they

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simply accept it as a fact, He calls special attention to the necessity of having a

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was similar to that shown by the smears from liver and spleen. The

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irregular parts of homogeneous, brilliant substance which are like

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in the individual or his family; the most common of

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Chablks Hooker, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology.

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there the local cortical atrophy may be revealed by a depressed area,

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In many patients ergot produces such a disordered condition of the

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Tv«. •j^ ;**>tj* ;aiR^ in S^i, ^^ i-Ttofth. UsiUuikI atrophy of the miucici

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down, as a general principle, tiiat fish dying and becoming putrid in water, " jyra:-

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send the children to stay with their grandmother, or (least of

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noticeable after enterini^ the sanatorium, in most cases, is an

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straightens. The S-shaped curve prevents the passage of the

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it is recommended, if possible before the exudate is absorbed,

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prepared to say. The accompanying temperature chart gives

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