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interferes with the bowel little, if at all. Here we can

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firmed this statement, and gave nearly as good an account of

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etiological force in the causation of carcinoma, although the figures

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aorta, and complains of an attack of angina. His Avife, who has

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It is obvious that from these premises people must have been logi-

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10 days after the injection exhibit a second stimulation of the tissue,'

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on the other side, but in my experience in abdominal surgery I

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injecting warm water into one of the veins of his arm. The pulse

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after the age of from 55 to 60, it almost ahmys announces the

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maintain their form, and pressed into the form of the part for which

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,dv !ur MUurr in it- turn m, ,1,. t^^^nt^ tourtb da.\ . ilu- -utiuv ua-

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Aromatic and Medicinal qualities, and as even the negligible content of Alkaloid,

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and granular casts, rapid pulse, convulsions, etc. Admitted to the

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Opie's observations on the pancreas suggest very strongly that the pan-

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gelatin is dissolved. After careful neutralization, the medium is al-

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tines are deprived of their usual stimulus. So far, there is no point on

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culty that my finger-nail could be forced imder it. By gently

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weaker female in protecting herself from the stronger (and sometimes

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extreme difficulty. For instance, if we find a person

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Proem to the third class, of the state of the heart

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hospital facilities available for obstetric the same as for surgical patients,

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Metropolitan Counties Branch (one of the Council, asd

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incurred by change of place, unless the natural home of the

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enation of causes, it may be engendered. It must have

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in the coeliac and hepatic plexuses, and which consist in an inflamma

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army in the Crimea, of a total effective force of 309,268,

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through a separate channel. With regard to the indication for

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people who had consulted him outside as to their physical and mental

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understand that it is easy in actual practice to neutralize

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of any proteid body (serum-albumin, serum-globulin, albumose, nucleo-

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small omentum served as a pivot. The pylorus was situated

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demonstrate, requires a great deal of practice, and often,

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