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Xewton and Swedenborg held strongly to a First Cause.
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WM. MURRELL, M.D., F.R.C.P., Phys. Lect. on Materia Medica
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June 10— Office Evaluation of Sports Injuries. Los Angeles Pediatric
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cord, and according to Tweedie, also occur in spinal apoplexy. In the up-
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standing cases, are often highly complex. This type of atrophy, we
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the Glasgow Medical Journal" In order to ensure its
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are much more hable to take the disease than those who are well fed,
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symptoms denoting gravity of disease ; hence the vast importance, especially
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The method of using a slide with two vaselined rings, one containing an emulsion
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eighth to a quarter of a grain of Morphina The Quinine may be given
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phoid fever when a rigid milk diet has been adhered to, it is believed the
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Sanitary Commision. The following seven communications were sent to the
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existence of a pervious urachus, even at the age of the pa-
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service were cases in which it was combined with some effective drug like
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tion exceedingly difficult even for the expert dermato-
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by removing the necrosed tissues and infusing saline solution. He
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stimulation may be due either to a direct action of the infectious agents
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complaint as a supposed defective state of the instru-
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chlorine water, aniline dyes, etc., and lastly the now much-vaunted
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* Siace the first publication of this letter, I hare been informed of
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the spasmodic movements might, however, be mistaken for those seen in
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gue was not dry. There was to-day extreme sensitive-
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tion ; distoma oculi, in the crystalline lens ; distoma hsematobium, in the
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the ventricle does not alter during the contraction of

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